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Abstract Motivations of Srx substance using heterosexual Black women in New York City for having multiple sexual partners are explored in this paper. Individual-level motivations for extra relational sex fell into four dominant themes: sexual pleasure, partner infidelity, sex exchange and past main partners. Using a Black feminist framework, we describe how participants displayed considerable autonomy by actively forming and withdrawing from sexual relationships with men.

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Black women with multiple sex partners

She used condoms with her secondary sex partners but not with her main partner, she stopped using condoms with him a few years into the relationship. What does it mean to be enough? In addition, Nunn et al.

Juicy also exchanged sex for money with other men, but this income was used for other things besides drugs. DA, I met him last year. Journal of Adolescent Research. These meaning units blac, short sections, about two or three lines in length Shaw, Burton, Xuereb.

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As ly demonstrated, blacj women in this study experienced the effects of racism, sexism and limited incomes. For instance, the Sexual Health Model incorporates both positive sexuality and a culturally specific approach to HIV prevention. Casual sex: Integrating social, behavioral, and sexual health research; pp.

I am going to do it, too. For example, Noar et al. Determined 50 was married and had one secondary sex partner. This contradiction becomes an important area for sexual health interventions. This is important for creating targeted interventions for at-risk populations.

Ask a Sex Therapist is a YouTube sex ed channel hosted by a black woman. Their ages ranged from 19 to 50 years old. Men and Masculinities. three, he takes care of anything that has to do with school, home, bills, things like that.

What does sex positivity mean anyway?

This approach to research and analysis aims to describe and understand social phenomena from the perspectives of the individuals involved Groenewald, For example, Sandra 50 had two sex partners and had been seeing one of them for about 10 years and the other for one: When I met Mr. Study participants gave written informed consent and were asked to invent code names for themselves and for any sexual partners mentioned. Bossy used condoms with all of her sex partners. Main sex partner had cheated Five women explained that they had outside sex partners because their main sex partners had either cheated or were strongly suspected of cheating.

Her other sex partners, on the other hand, fulfilled unmet material needs and desires. Individual-level motivations for extra relational sex fell into four dominant themes: sexual pleasure, partner infidelity, sex exchange and past main partners.

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Concurrent sexual partnerships among urban African American high-risk women with main sex partners. Journal of Adolescent health. Sexual partnerships, risk behaviors, and condom use among low-income heterosexual African Americans: A qualitative study.

Relationships with secondary sex partners were more casual because there was little or no expectation of commitment, at least on the part of the women. Journal of Sex Research.

Determining sample size. Health Education Research. International journal of qualitative methods.

from this study suggest that the dislocation between oppression and agency has the possibility to become a unique site for interventions. SexAbled is sex ed for people living with disabilities.

Lingering attachments to former partners Four respondents, Bossy 18Bronx-Brownie 30Sabrina 49 and Lolo 50 had extra relational sex partners who were ex-boyfriends and they were finding it difficult to let them go. Too often in the literature, they are treated as fixed and bounded.

They and one other woman in this group did not use condoms with their main sex partners. This was largely due to a shift in his expression of masculinity over the years. Both used condoms with all of their sex partners.

DC has a plethora of MeetUp groups for black women. They were aware of their gendered constraints and felt empowered by their sexuality to resist victimization. These baseline interviews consisted of questions and took two or more meetings to complete. gurl

Black feminist thought will be used to interpret the meanings study participants gave to their sexual relationships. So it was two different stories given.

Many participants saw themselves as sexual beings with the same rights and privileges as men. Refinery29 has a great health section that cover relationships, sex tips and moreā€”plus they always feature diverse writers.


These relationships were deemed extra relational because primary male partners were told by participants that the relationship was monogamous or they assumed monogamy. An empirical comparison of respondent-driven sampling, time location sampling, and snowball sampling for behavioral surveillance in men who have sex with men, Fortaleza, Brazil.

Social dynamics. Staff targeted neighborhoods known from research and conducted additional ethnographic mapping in all five boroughs of New York City. More than Jezebels and freaks: Exploring how Black girls navigate sexual coercion and sexual scripts. The attachment to their main sex partners was emotional rather than material.